Outdoor Burpee Boot Camp Workout

Outdoor Burpee Boot Camp Workout

Reap the many benefits of working out in the great outdoors. Plus, try this burpee boot camp challenge!
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If you're like many gym-goers these days frustrated with their gyms being closed or having too many restrictions because of Covid-19, then get outside for some fresh air and this boot-camp workout that will undoubtedly challenge you. (Seriously, who couldn't use a good fitness challenge right now?)

Not sold yet? Well, then get this: exercising in the great outdoors improves your mood.

According to recent research, 71 percent of test subjects who took a walk in the park versus indoors said they felt less tense afterward, while 72 percent of the indoor crew felt even more stressed.

Researchers have found that too much time spent indoors beneath artificial light without the fresh air can actually make you feel exhausted, thus producing a loss of vitality and health. But time spent walking, jogging or exercising outside (when the weather permits, of course) helps produce more serotonin in your brain, gives you a free healthy dose of vitamin D, improves your breathing, boosts your immune system and encourages a better night's sleep. 

So, what are you waiting for? There are boot camps all over the United States that are practicing social distancing if you'd rather not go it alone. You usually need minimal to zero equipment and you may just get in the best shape of your life.  Below is a simple boot camp workout you can try in your backyard or a park. 

Burpee Boot-Camp Challenge

For this challenge, start with 20 burpees and one push up. Next, do 19 burpees then two pushups, then 18 burpees and three pushups, 17-4, 16-5, and so on. You get the picture. Keep going until you have completed one burpee and 20 pushups. 

Time this drill and try to beat your own time every time you do it. Also, wear a heart-rate monitor to check your intensity and caloric burn.

The Exercises

Burpees: Stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart. Lean over and place hands on the ground. With hands supporting the body, thrust legs to the rear extending your body into a front leaning rest (push up) position. Jump back into Step 1 with hands still on the ground. Leap up, extending arms overhead. Return to starting position. This exercise strengthens the legs and promotes agility, coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

Pushups: Start in a front leaning rest position, maintaining a straight body line from head to heels. Bodyweight is on toes and hands. Bend elbows, lowering the body approximately 4 inches from the ground. Push body back into the front leaning rest position. Repeat Step 1. Return to starting position. This exercise strengthens the chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominals and back.