What Workout Suits Your Personality?

What Workout Suits Your Personality?

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Have you ever thought about what workout you should do based on your personality traits? Whether you’re introverted/shy, energetic, competitive, adventurous, or you simply hate to exercise, there’s a workout with your name on it. Sports and performance psychology Ph.D. Haley Perlus shares some great tips on how to choose exercises/workouts that best suit your personality type. 

Situps Indoors On the Floor

For the Shy Introvert: Strength Training at Home

If you prefer working out alone and not being bothered by others, Dr. Perlus recommends trying weightlifting. Not only can this be done in the gym, but also in the space of your own home. Having weights at home, such as ankle weights, to help activate the legs and glutes will help. However, you can also use objects around the house that are easy to grip. You can also strengthen your core by using your body weight to do exercises such as planks, squats, and sit-ups.

Squats During Bootcamp

For the People Person: Try a Boot Camp 

A boot camp workout will allow you to socialize with others while working on strength training, aerobics, and speed elements. It’s likely you thrive in high-energy situations and prefer exercising at a gym rather than at home to enjoy the company of others. If talking to strangers and meeting new people excites you, a boot camp workout could be ideal.

Boxing in Class

For the Competitive Person: Give Boxing Class a Jab 

If you are naturally competitive, boxing classes are perfect for you. Psychologically speaking, boxing can boost confidence, concentration, resilience, and self-awareness. Boxing also has significant physical advantages as it helps things such as balance, endurance, strength, and hand-eye coordination. In addition, it’s a great stress reliever! 

Morning Hike

For The Adventurous One: Take a Scenic Hike 

If you thrive off new experiences and love exploring, Dr. Perlus recommends taking a scenic hike. With this personality type, it can be challenging to go to a gym to do workouts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise. Instead, burn your daily calories by taking a hike with a beautiful view and changing landscapes. You will be caught up in the adventure of the hike and most likely forget you are even working out. 

Woman in Spin Class

For The Energetic Person: Spin Class 

If you’re energetic, high-strung, and love a fast-paced workout, then a spin class would suit you well. One of the main goals of a spin class is to keep your legs constantly moving, often for an hour. This would allow you to expend the extra energy you have built up and give you a safe and fun space to release it. 

Group Yoga Class

For The Hard-Core Exercise-Hater: Yoga 

Yoga is much more soothing and peaceful than other workouts. Although yoga can be very beneficial for our bodies, as it helps to increase flexibility, improve energy and maintain a balanced metabolism, it doesn’t necessarily feel like a workout because the focus is mental rather than physical. Therefore, Dr. Perlus suggests trying yoga if working out is something you dread. Yoga can be fun and is something many people look forward to doing, and it’s not as hard-core as a gym workout, and it’s not competitive.